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Diederik de Haas didi.debian at cknow.org
Fri Jun 25 18:24:10 BST 2021

On vrijdag 25 juni 2021 17:53:25 CEST Tiago Zaniquelli via Freedombox-discuss 
> I have one question. I did an issue and it was aprroved and merged in main
> project https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/freedombox
> So, How I do to update my local branch
> (https://salsa.debian.org/zani0x03/freedombox) with all modifications done
> in https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/freedombox

'git remote -v' will tell you which remotes you have. The default remote is 
named 'origin' and should point to your clone (on salsa).

The following will add the canonical repo as a(nother) remote and that will be 
named 'upstream':
'git remote add upstream https://salsa.debian.org/freedombox-team/freedombox'

Make sure you're in your (local) master branch:
'git checkout master'

Now 'pull', which is a shorthand for 'fetch' and 'merge' the changes from 
'upstream' into your local (master) branch:
'git pull upstream master'

To update https://salsa.debian.org/zani0x03/freedombox, push it to 'origin':
'git push'

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