[Freedombox-discuss] Upgrade to Debian 11

Paul van der Vlis paul at vandervlis.nl
Tue Sep 21 13:44:09 BST 2021


Simply the fact that there is "stable" in /etc/apt/sources.list did not 
do an upgrade after release of Debian 11, I don't know why. What I did 
is change sources.list in something like this:
deb https://debian.snt.utwente.nl/debian bullseye main
deb https://debian.snt.utwente.nl/debian bullseye-updates main
deb https://security.debian.org/debian-security bullseye-security main
deb https://debian.snt.utwente.nl/debian/ bullseye-backports main
After that, I could do an upgrade using the commandline. For me this is 
much more easy then using the webinterface because I do this very often 
this way.

I got a message about /etc/firewalld/firewalld.conf, there was a new 
version of the configfile. I have answered "yes" to install that. Not 
sure this file is managed by Freedombox.

I also installed the latest version of the freedombox package using "apt 
-t bullseye-backports install freedombox".

I also did an upgrade using the webinterface. But there was not much to 
do anymore.

In /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and /etc/apt/preferences.d/ I still see 
files managed by Freedombox who are still using buster-backports.
What is the right way to change this to bullseye?

With regards,

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