[Freedombox-discuss] Any FreedomBox app that can do video conferencing, beside matrix?

James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Sat Apr 9 20:21:19 BST 2022

On 2/22/22 16:52, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2022-01-15 14:16:11)
>> Quoting Petter Reinholdtsen (2022-01-15 12:15:49)
>>> [Jonas Smedegaard]
>>>> An alternative in Debian and possible to add to FreedomBox is
>>>> janus, but that requires more work (little bit for same interface
>>>> as author's live demo at
>>>> https://janus.conf.meetecho.com/videoroomtest.html - more work
>>>> mainly on web-design for a more polished experience).  I maintain
>>>> janus in Debian and would love help improving its off-the-shelf
>>>> usability.
>>> Can you recommend a recipe for this?
>>   1a) sudo apt install apache2
>>   1b) setup apache2 TLS certificate handling
>>   2a) sudo apt install coturn
>>   2b) setup coturn TLS certificate handling
>>   2c) setup coturn access rights
>>   3a) sudo apt install janus
>>   3b) setup janus TLS certificate handling
>>   3c) setup janus to bind https and wss only to loopback interface
>>   3d) setup apache2 vhost reverse proxying https and wss for janus
>>   4a) (enable contrib packages, and) sudo apt install janus-demos
>>   4b) setup apache2 vhost serving contents of janus-demos
>> Steps 1* and 2* might already be done adequately on FreedomBox (but
>> possibly not 2c).
> Package janus-demos is now in main, so step 4a) no longer involve
> installing contrib packages: Entered unstable 15 minutes ago, and when
> it reaches testing I will release it to bullseye-backports as well.
> It is still quite helpful if some of you can try follow the above steps
> and provide feedback on them.
> I am working on packaging Jangouts - https://bugs.debian.org/1005877 -
> for a more decent looking interface for Janus than janus-demos.
> By the way: I noticed recent activity packaging owncast, mentioning it
> being targeted inclusion with FreedomBox.  Janus can also function as
> backend for extremely lightweight video streaming.  I recently packaged
> simple-whip-client and simple-whip-server to simplify that, which I am
> currently waiting for approval to release to bullseye-backports as well.

I was able to get janus and janus-demos working on FreedomBox, and I 
have a draft merge request [1] with the changes, if anyone wants to test 
it. It includes the apache configuration, and changes needed in 
/usr/share/janus/demos/config.js to get the demos to connect to local 
coturn server.

Before the MR is ready to merge, I expect we will need to replace 
janus-demos with something meant for end-users. Perhaps for now, we can 
create a simple web page that re-uses scripts from janus-demos. Then we 
can switch to Jangouts when it is packaged.

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