[Freedombox-discuss] error on Mumble manual

Quiliro Ordóñez quiliro at riseup.net
Sun Aug 14 17:32:06 BST 2022

On the Mumble manual at /plinth/help/manual/en/Mumble it says that it is
not possible to change the SuperUser password via the Freedombox web
interface.  This is what the text reads.
A super user password is automatically generated during Mumble setup. To
get the password, login to the terminal as admin user using Cockpit ,
Secure Shell or the console. Then, to read the super user password that
was automatically generated during Mumble installation run the following

sudo grep SuperUser /var/log/mumble-server/mumble-server.log

You should see output such as:

<W>2019-11-06 02:47:41.313 1 => Password for 'SuperUser' set to

Alternatively, you can set a new password as follows:

sudo su -
echo "newpassword" | su mumble-server -s /bin/sh -c "/usr/sbin/murmurd
-ini /etc/mumble-server.ini --readsupw"

But I can see a box on /plinth/apps/mumble/ which is labeled
Set SuperUser Password
Quiliro Ordóñez

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