[Freedombox-discuss] Freedom and operating system debates...

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 04:15:14 GMT 2022


I have a monkey wrench to throw into the mix regarding freedom box.

What if you had a new operating system that is DESIGNED to be
peer-to-peer rather than enterprise and hierarchical?

An operating system designed for equality and sharing?  Based on hard,
computer science principles that go beyond every operating system out

Imagine cloning your machine to an interested person and then they
become a peer in an ad-hoc, mech network of machines sharing data,
apps, and connecting to the larger network within 60 seconds.  A 3-d
visualization where all data relates to all other data in an ecosystem
of merit and value, navigable by visual relationships, rather than a
barely-working directory tree?

What if you could get paid for making apps in this unified space, each
time your object is run?  And a whole ecosystem of data stewards
monitoring the space, checking objects, and reworking them as demand
requires to create a completely new arena for economic and social

Well, it's been imagined.  The singularity project:

Check it out

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