[Freedombox-discuss] Shaarli in backports?

James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Sat Feb 5 23:55:00 GMT 2022

On 2/5/22 12:43 PM, Znoteer via Freedombox-discuss wrote:
> Hi,
> New versions of Freedombox get uploaded to unstable, and then move to
> testing from where they can be uploaded into backports.
> Will Shaarli move from tesing to backports, too?

Hi Znoteer,

FreedomBox doesn't move from testing to backports. Uploading to backports is always a manual step. One of the requirements for backports is for the package to already be in testing.

Backporting Shaarli would be a complicated process, because there are a number of PHP and JS dependencies that are not in stable, so they need to be backported first.

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