[Freedombox-discuss] Connection Status Debugging

Marko Dimjašević marko at dimjasevic.net
Sun Jan 2 15:45:50 GMT 2022

Hi FreedomBoxers,

I've started using FreedomBox 21.16 (on Debian GNU/Linux Bullseye, amd64)
and I have a problem with a connection status. At home I have an ISP-
provided router, to which I connected my freedom box via an Ethernet cable
to get an IP address and in general other services and connectivity. This
works fine unrelated to FreedomBox.

However, when in FreedomBox I create a connection using its Ethernet
interface (and confirm that it will get IP addresses from the DHCP provided
by the router and that it will resolve domain names via the router), I
cannot activate this FreedomBox connection. Upon hitting the Activate
button, I get a green-colored notification that the connection has been
activated, but its indicator label next to the connection shows it is still
inactive. Refreshing the https://<freedombox-ip>/plinth/sys/networks/ page
does not provide a different outcome. The Ethernet interface keeps on
working just fine and the connection in FreedomBox says the cable is
connected, but FreedomBox just wouldn't count this connection as active.
This prevents me from providing services such as Samba because I cannot
have an active connection (to which I would assign the internal firewall

Do you have any clue what might be going on? How do I debug this?

Marko Dimjašević <marko at dimjasevic.net>
Mastodon: https://mamot.fr/@mdimjasevic
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