[Freedombox-discuss] Any FreedomBox app that can do video conferencing, beside matrix?

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 14 22:18:26 GMT 2022


I had been using matrix-synapse with the Element-desktop client for
quite a while and I really depend on it.  Recently, something has made
Element-desktop totally unusable for video conferencing.  I have posted
a detailed bug report to the appropriate forum, but in case this can't
be resolved before my next scheduled video conference, what other
FreedomBox app(s) can do video conferencing?  I have installed jsxc
which appears to support it, but I can't see how (from the web client)
to do video.  The Gajim client for ejabberd fails with a "SSL
Certificate Verification Error" and even after I tell it to "Add this
certificate to the list of trusted certificates" it won't let me out of
the loop.  What have I missed?

If someone is running Elelment-desktop 1.9.8 under Debian stable/11.2
(totally up-to-date), is it working for you?

Thanks for any help.


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