[Freedombox-discuss] STUN Bandwidth

ryan rysa88 at posteo.net
Thu Mar 17 08:07:45 GMT 2022

Hi All

I would like to set up STUN (coturn) on my server, in much the same
fashion as is on the freedombox and others. Whilst I don't use the
freedombox myself, I thought somebody here might have be able to answer
this question. Given that coturn with STUN only is supposed to be
resource light, does anybody know how much data over say a
hour/day/month etc peroid it might use with x amount of users. Given
that STUN on coturn defaults to anonymous no auth, if say a large
amount of people used it (if the domain etc was made publicly listed or
a dos was mounted at the udp port), is the data usage that small that
even this would be a tiny dent in anyone with a limit quota for the

Sorry, as I say, I thought maybe it being in real world usage on the
freedombox, that it might be something someone has an idea about.

Many Thanks

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