[Freedombox-discuss] Running Matrix and configuring routers

frankbakewell at rocketmail.com frankbakewell at rocketmail.com
Tue May 10 11:51:21 BST 2022

I am trying to download matrix on my Freedom Box (running on Debian 11, Raspberry Pi 3B).
Apparently I need to turn on Frequent Feature Updates (backports) in order to do this, but I was a bit concerned whether this would effect my router, making it vulnerable. are there any security risks in turning this on?

Also, when starting up my Freedom Box I skipped the step to configure my router, but now I want to do this so that others can use my matrix server once it's running. I'm not familiar with configuring a router (does this mean forwarding ports?), which settings would allow others to use my matrix server while also keeping the highest possible security?

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