[Freedombox-discuss] ARM64 board for Debian/Freedombox

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Tue Sep 13 05:42:58 BST 2022

Quoting bill-auger (2022-09-12 21:30:13)
> this is a common question - in my experience,  i have not yet
> been able to convince people who ask, that the pioneer
> freedombox suits their needs - some people will not consider
> using a less powerful computer, even if it is perfectly suitable
> for their needs, simply because something more powerful exists
> the result is that those people will not purchase the olimex
> freedombox, even though a turn-key solution is what they really
> want
> so the obvious question is, are there plans for a 64bit
> freedombox, and what are the obstacles? - eg: i suppose the
> case would need to be re-designed to fit the 64bit lime2 boards?

Olimex produces the current turn-key Freedombox, based on LIME2.

Olimex also produces a 64-bit SBC called OLinuXino-A64, with a
corresponding case same style as for the LIME2.

I recommend using that, for those insisting they need more power.

 - Jonas

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