[Freedombox-discuss] Can anyone connect Shaarlier (android app) to Shaarli on FreedomBox?

A. F. Cano afc54 at comcast.net
Sun Aug 27 22:22:04 BST 2023

This has been a long-standing issue.  Last october I posted to the
shaarlier issues page:


Recently there have been some comments, one of which says it works with
API key instead of user name/password.  In the referred to issue #56 one
person says:

  In the meantime, you should try to uncheck "Use username/password
  (deprecated)" and paste your API key instead. It's working fine for me.

Where to I find the API key for the FreedomBox?

Of course I've been using Shaarli successfully from browsers with both
inside and outside URLs.

Has anyone encountered this problem?



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