[Freedombox-discuss] Progress report 4

Esteban Ordóñez quiliro at riseup.net
Wed Jun 21 16:21:49 BST 2023

> I suppose if not using a threaded mail reader it could be difficult to
> link the various posts.

I guess that Roundcube is not a proper threaded reader then.

Suppose that the reader just entered the mailing list.  A descriptive
subject line would be easier to look for in the archive.

>> there is no information about the process which you used to install or
>> the distro.
> Not in the later posts, which were specific to the latest findings and
> attempts, but the issue was described in the first one.
> To recap: the FreedomBox was set to upgrade automatically to the next
> release.  This started automatically and then for 2 days more and more
> parts stopped working, as described in the first post, until it became
> almost completely non-functional and inaccessibe and I had to stop the
> upgrade.  Once I did that, the upgrade ended in about an hour with
> aptitude, and after some minor cleanup and a reboot everything seemed to
> be working.  All diagnostics pass but no packets flow through from
> the internal zone to the external, unless I disable the firewall.
> I keep digging into the firewall rules, but it's a steep learning curve
> as I've never dealt with this before in this detail.  On a previous
> upgrade I encountered the same issue and the only thing that fixed it
> was installing a brand new FreedomBox image on a brand new SD card.
> I'm hoping to avoid having to do this, with all the manual configuration
> this entails.  And yes, I have the backup app doing regular backups to
> an internal machine.

That information is much better to understand.

If you have backups and it becomes impossible to repair the firewall,
then you could install a new Freedombox and restore the backup.  Would
this be a good option?

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