[Freedombox-discuss] Serving NTP from my FreedomBox

spectral spectral at sonic.net
Sun Jan 7 00:13:54 GMT 2024

On Sat, 2024-01-06 at 17:34 -0500, Stefan Monnier via Freedombox-
discuss wrote:
> FreedomBox is a great way to setup many different services, but I
> can't
> seem to figure out how to make it serve the time via the NTP
> protocol.
> I tried to do it by hand, but I can't install `ntpsec` because it
> conflicts with the `systemd-timesyncd` package which is required
> by FreedomBox.
> What am I missing?

They don't solve your problem, but here are links to a couple of issues
that sketch out how FreedomBox, in prioritizing client functionality
over server functionality for time synchronization, moved from NTP to
chrony to systemd-timesyncd, with the expectation of eventually moving
back to chrony (if I'm reading them correctly).



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