[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox 24.6 released

James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Tue Mar 12 12:14:57 GMT 2024

FreedomBox 24.6 has been released and uploaded to Debian unstable. 
Typically, the freedombox package will migrate to testing in 2 days, and 
then can be uploaded to stable-backports.


  * gitweb: Fix modifying git repositories when gitweb app is disabled
  * users: Fix creating users with initial set of groups
  * wordpress:
    * Don't fail setup if mysql installed but not running
    * Drop database user when app is uninstalled
    * Fix backup, restore and uninstall when db is not running
  * zoph:
    * Don't fail setup if mysql installed but not running
    * Don't fail with backup/restore if app is disabled
    * Don't redirect to setup page when app is disabled
    * Ensure that database server is running when setting up app
    * Hide configuration form when app is disabled
    * Restore database password to old value after restore operation
    * Uninstall fully so that reinstall works

Other changes:

  * *: Add type hints for app init methods
  * *: Add type hints for diagnose method
  * action_utils: Implement method for starting a service temporarily
  * actions: Fix log message when action return can't be decoded
  * actions: When action errors out, log a better message
  * app: Add ability to hide configuration form when app is disabled
  * app: views: Expose method to get enabled/disabled state and cache it
  * daemon: Added method to ensure a daemon is running in component
  * diagnostics: Add tests for get_results
  * diagnostics: Handle TypeError when copying results
  * locale: Update translations for Dutch
  * log: Don't log with in color inside actions scripts
  * samba: Ignore non-existent users who are in freedombox-share group
  * tests: functional: Refactor install/setup fixture for apps
  * tests: functional: Uninstall app after backup and before restore
  * users: Minor refactor when creating django groups
  * users: tests: Do not remove LDAP user when testing views
  * wordpress: Fix minor issue in restoring database
  * wordpress: tests: Uninstall app after backup and before restore

The following people contributed to the git repository for this release:

- ikmaak
- James Valleroy
- Sunil Mohan Adapa
- Veiko Aasa
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