[Fsf-Debian] The question behind the questions [was No response?]

Andrew Roffey andrew.roffey at connect.qut.edu.au
Sun Aug 5 01:39:59 UTC 2012

Mason Loring Bliss wrote:

> Support for non-free software is going to get more people to use free
> software. Let's take an average Windows user with a typical laptop. We want
> him to use free software, right? How is he going to feel about free software
> when he can't use his wireless networking? He won't give it a second look.
> If, however, he's able to use it and see the benefits of it, it's quite
> possible he'll spend some time finding hardware that is fully supported by
> free software next time around. But he won't get there without some help.

Your arguement addresses software that is arguably necessary for Debian 
to run with all hardware. Keep in mind that there is a lot of software 
in non-free and contrib which Debian provides via their website. Some of 
this software has free replacements as well.

For example: Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 

MS fonts (Liberation fonts and GNU Free Fonts are replacements)

IMO (FWIW) there should be at least more distinction between non-free 
software that is considered "necessary" for hardware to run (eg. 
firmware) and non-free software that is hardly necessary.

Andrew - just a user.

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