[Fsf-Debian] No response?

Karl Goetz karl at kgoetz.id.au
Sun Aug 5 22:22:22 UTC 2012

On Sun,   5 Aug 2012, 23:04:20 EST, Paul van der Vlis <paul at vandervlis.nl> wrote:

> Op 04-08-12 12:15, Bryan Baldwin schreef:
> > On 08/04/2012 08:12 AM, Paul Wise wrote:
> > > Fundamentally, the issue seems to be about the clarity of the 
> > > distinction between Debian (the 'main' section) and 
> > > non-free/contrib. Do we have any opinion from RMS or other FSF 
> > > folks about what amount of clarity is required before they would 
> > > consider Debian a "free distro"? Until we have that there isn't 
> > > much point discussing potential levels of separation.

> > Asking FSF to examine Debian to give you such a response is tantamount
> > to saying, "If you want us to be a free distribution, do our work for
> > us." Being a free distribution is not mysterious, nor a moving target.
> > Its all laid out rather unambiguously.
> I think Debian should go it's own way. To be on the FSF-free list should
> not be the goal but maybe the result of that.
> The goal should be to have a free distro.

Very nicely stated.

> But this depends on the FSF. Maybe they will say: "Debian makes it to
> easy for users to use non-free software. Everybody knows about
> nonfree.org and you can find there nonfree software. Because of that we
> don't put them on the FSF-free list." I can live with that then.

> I think this is all possible, except the point about the mailing lists.
> In my opinion there should be "freedom of speech" on the lists.

Aiui the problem is in promoting - or being seen to promote - proprietary software. 'Everyone' knowing about a repository wont count against a distro unless it gets promoted by official channels.

> > Unless the majority of Debian's movers and shakers are happy with and
> > excited about the prospect of doing all of the above, I don't think
> > Debian will *ever* get to the point where its a fully free

> I am sure you would like to have a free bios, a free router, free
> (cell)phones, a free TV and a free DVD player. Do you have them allready? 

I have been Pretty close :)

> In the case not: if you really wanted to be free, you would
> have removed all those non-free devices.

Maybe, but thats not relevant to debian until its provided for those devices.

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