[Fsf-Debian] No response?

Paul van der Vlis paul at vandervlis.nl
Mon Aug 6 10:27:36 UTC 2012

Op 06-08-12 09:49, Stefano Zacchiroli schreef:

> One way out would be to say "drop contrib/non-free" from the Debian
> *infrastructure*. Personally, I don't think it'd be totally fair. To
> support that claim of main, consider this thought experiment: a
> situation where Debian contributors actively work on non-free packages,
> on their free time and benefiting from resources of the Debian
> Project. But yet, the result of that work (some non-free packages) is
> completely hidden from the final users. (...)

I think most users are smart enough to find something like nonfree.org,
but maybe we have to tell about it in the beginning.
Or even later, with a big warning that we do not advice to use it.

Another point are e.g. build services. I think Debian should give access
to e.g. build services for nonfree packages.

Further I think we should not use bugs.debian.org for non-free packages.
But eventually we could use the same system with another virtual
hostname (or IP).

> Back to the very pertinent examples by Clint: what would be an
> appropriate BIG FAT WARNING that properly explain to users that what
> they are seeing is: 1/ non-free, 2/ not part of Debian, 3/ bad for them?

I think we should not show something what's non-free or contrib or bad
on debian.org. But maybe nonfree.org could show everything (inclusive main).

With regards,

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer, Groningen

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