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Bryan Baldwin bryan at katofiad.co.nz
Mon Aug 6 11:45:08 UTC 2012

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On 08/06/2012 10:27 PM, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> I think we should not show something what's non-free or contrib or
> bad on debian.org. But maybe nonfree.org could show everything
> (inclusive main).

That's very interesting. But then to users, nonfree.org becomes the
new Debian, and Debian becomes the new gNewSense. Its completely
unobjectionable to do from a freedom standpoint, but is that the best
possible result? Should not the result be better then the way things
are as they stand?

Maybe instead of looking at main vs contrib/nonfree as a case of
separating Siamese twins, we should look at it as a case of isolating
and embolizing a tumorous growth. Maybe after talking about it for
awhile, we move contrib/nonfree off site. Maybe in bits at first,
while aintainers still work together, but eventually the user can't
see debian.org and nonfree.org on the same page. Then in two or three
years we start dropping redundant packages from nonfree. You know, the
ones that have free replacements. We could have spent those two or
three years knocking some rough corners, and where we're lucky,
getting some of the people who control the rights to some packages to
relicense so it can go back to debian.org.

Then in five, six, seven years or however long it takes, after we've
cut back a lot of the junk, we can take a hard look and what is left
over. We can post something up on the front page of nonfree.org,
saying, "Packages here are deprecated. We are committed to the
important things our users need by developing replacements or
convincing the developers to make them free," and start doing it. We
do that until there isn't enough interest left in nonfree.org to
warrant keeping the site running. I think we can do that. Maybe not in
that general timeframe, but whatever ends up being a reasonable enough
time. Debian has been described as the "it will be finished when its
finished" distribution. Let's do that here.
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