[Fsf-Debian] No response?

Paul van der Vlis paul at vandervlis.nl
Tue Aug 7 08:34:11 UTC 2012

Op 07-08-12 01:00, Ben Finney schreef:
> Paul van der Vlis <paul at vandervlis.nl> writes:
>> I don't think that's a good idea.
>> Debian would still distribute nonfree software.
> That's going to happen by the Debian project's social contract. Are you
> proposing that social contract should be broken?

Not sure I understand the background of your question well.

I think the parts about contrib and non-free could be removed when those
parts are moved to another organization.

Maybe they could be replaced with something like: "users should have the
choice to use nonfree software from others, we will support that."

But in my opinion changing the social contract has not the highest
priority. It should be a correction, because things have changed.

You have a point that in the social contract is written, that there is a
contrib and non-free section. But they could be empty.

With regards,

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer, Groningen

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