[Fsf-Debian] rar/unrar

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Oct 18 07:14:22 UTC 2012

> And
> apparently there is a free software program unar [3] that can replace
> the unrar part.

unar and lsar have a different interface than unrar (or unrar-free) used
by GUI archivers.  On Parabola GNU/Linux-libre a script called ununrar
is used to call unar with appropriate arguments and print the output
that unrar would make (it was written before unar supported extraction
of only specified files, so this isn't implemented).

Some programs like Calibre use libunrar directly, I know no replacement
for it, I don't know if there are any such packages in Debian

unar supports password-protected archives.
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