[Fsf-Debian] Apologies / Delay

John Sullivan johns at fsf.org
Thu Feb 7 22:04:20 UTC 2013

Andrew Roffey <andrew.roffey at connect.qut.edu.au> writes:

> On 29/01/13 01:50, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
>> Ping?
>> Ansgar
> On Stefano's blog:
> http://upsilon.cc/~zack/blog/posts/2013/01/bits_from_the_DPL_for_December_2012/
>> On related news, I've gladly accepted an invitation to talk at the
>> next LibrePlanet conference in Boston, next March. It will be the
>> occasion to discuss the status of collaboration with the FSF and the
>> GNU Project.
> Hopefully there will be more discussion on-list after this as well (or
> before).

Stefano and I talked at FOSDEM last week, and I am working on a write-up
based on that to share with this list.


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