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Wed Apr 21 22:16:47 UTC 2010

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Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 2:17 PM
Subject: Re: Use glpi-project plugin to manage tinc keys...
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On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 08:12:49AM -0500, Rob Townley wrote:

> Anyone found a way to use glpi-project.org, ocsinventory-ng.org, or
> FusionInventory.org to manage tinc keys?

I hope you mean only the public keys? I have not heard about these projects
before today.

> These LinMacWin projects are used to manage an enterprise of machines.  So
> all the machine info is already there and  a plugin or api call could be used
> to handle tinc specifics. GLPI can store files pertaining to a particular
> machine.  The drawback would be that tinc would have to be modified to lookup
> keys from glpi.  Alternatively, use an ocs tinc installation package to pull
> down keys for a particular group and push a key back to the repository upon
> creation by tinc.

Someone who works with such projects would have to write such an installer.
Alternatively, have a look at ChaosVPN, which is a wrapper around tinc which
pulls keys and config files from a central repository:


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tinc mailing list
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Yes, Guus, private keys should never leave a machine.  This would be a
repository for public keys, dynamic port numbers and dynamic
addresses.  Network grouping is sorta already done.  The specific
architecture mode could be kept in this inventory as well, but the 3
main management items are the public key, dynamic port number, and
dynamic ip address.   Key management being the priority.

i had not heard of ChaosVPN.  i will look at that right now.  i would
think the dynamic dns route would still be the ideal way, but other
ways may not need any development.

One use for ocsinventory-ng / fusion / glpi would be to have a fleet
of disparate machines scattered across the internet that you maintain
for your family or business.  tinc would provide a way to push
packages to its virtual ips in a more secure manner.  Nobody has to
login to a vpn.  AV monitoring.  Patch revision for Adobe Flash and
Adobe Reader ....
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