[Fusioninventory-user] Command-line parameters for silent setup of fusioinventory-agent on Windows

Christoph Haas chhaas-ml at uk-bw.de
Tue Aug 3 10:57:52 UTC 2010

Hello David, hello Goneri,

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Betreff: Re: [Fusioninventory-user] Command-line parameters for silent
setup of fusioinventory-agent on Windows
Von: David DURIEUX <d.durieux at siprossii.com>
An: fusioninventory-user at lists.alioth.debian.org
Datum: 03.08.2010 01:59

>> Le Mon, 2 Aug 2010 17:20:08 +0200
>> Christoph Haas <chhaas-ml at uk-bw.de> a écrit:
>>> Hello Gonéri,
>>> Am Montag, 2. August 2010, um 13:49:50 schrieben Sie:
>>>> 2010/8/2 Christoph Haas <chhaas-ml at uk-bw.de>:
>>>>> Hello Michael,
>>>>> Am Montag, 2. August 2010, um 12:50:52 schrieb Michael Kolowicz:
>>>>>>> with my Windows-installations other than the German language,
>>>>>>> from your (French ?) Windows-setups ...
>>>>>>> I have tested during the weekend several different machines
>>>>>>> with Windows XP
>>>>>> SP3
>>>>>>> But the bad situation remains the same:
>>>>>>> Nothing but the _upper _"/S" parameter worked!
>>>>>> I have the same situation and the same results. Only the switch
>>>>>> "/S" is working but no other option (I have tried to use small
>>>>>> and upper cases)
>>>>>> Michael
>>>>> sorry to say: I'm glad ;-)
>>>> ahah :)
>>>> I did the test on a Russian Windows and it doesn't work either.
>>> so it seems finally that it is a problem with localization, or with
>>> language detection of the used Windows? 
>>> Well indeed I did only test with German Windows.
>>> Hopefully this issue can soon be resolved since we possibly found now
>>> the track ...
>>> Thank you for your patience
>>> Christoph.
>> Okay, I will try with my russian windows...
>> David
> I have made corrections, and tested in VM Windows seven russian :p (Yes
> I'm French).
> Use /h to have all commands and I have modified /s by /silent for
> silent mode of setup.
> Good test and thanks you ;)
> David

thank you very much for your hard work! You really saved my day! I can
acknowledge: it runs now as expected also with German Windows XP SP3!

As I saw you also updated my entry in the wiki and closed bug #265 and
feature #262, so everything is almost done.

Just a litte flaw in the installer GUI should be corrected: if you run
the installer in normal mode, on the first screen, in the last
paragraph, the htmlcode <a href="http://fusioninventory.org>Webpage</a>
should be invisible ...

That's all for now and thank you for the fish!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Yours sincerely
Christoph Haas
Linux User #99546
GnuPG-/PGP-fingerprint: 944B D713 F72F 4398 B156 8089 DA8B 68F1 1543 51C3

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