[Fusioninventory-user] 2.1.7 agent on OS X 10.6

Tom Carpenter tomc at bio.umass.edu
Wed Dec 22 15:23:20 UTC 2010

I downloaded and installed the prebuilt fusioninventory-agent 2.1.7 for OS X


"agent.cfg" provided in that package uses the following defaults




Looking at the text of Daemon.pm (Proc::Daemon) it appears as though the
settings in "agent.cfg" would cause fusioninventory-agent to fork. When run
with the default settings (above) in "agent.cfg" it looks like fusioninventory-agent
may violate launchd's restrictions (launchd.plist(5))


A daemon or agent launched by launchd MUST NOT do the following in the process 
directly launched by

• Call daemon(3).
• Do the moral equivalent of daemon(3) by calling fork(2) and have the parent 
process exit(3)
or _exit(2).

Perhaps it doesn't matter if it does, I'm just trying to develop a better
understanding of fusioninventory-agent and launchd before deploying
the agent.

- Tom Carpenter

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