[Fusioninventory-user] FusionInventory for GLPI 2.3.4 is available!

David DURIEUX d.durieux at siprossii.com
Mon May 23 19:28:16 UTC 2011

Hello everybody!

The plugins FusionInventory for GLPI is now available in 2.3.4. It’s a
fix version.

To download :

This is the changelog :
FusionInventory 2.3.4

    * Fix problem on update from old version
    * Security fix (SQL injection)
    * Fix link in computer form to force remotly agent to do an
      inventory now
    * Fix taskscheduler when use forcerun and date next execution
      calculate is more later than now
    * On cron task scheduler, fix get periodicity_count and
      periodicity_type from taskjobs instead from tasks
    * Fix cron crash when plugin_id not relation with fusioninventory
    * Update JavaScript to display task history details and fix display
      on some browsers

FusinvInventory 2.3.4-1

    * Fix display volumns when have no ‘LABEL’, no ‘LETTER’, no ‘TYPE’
      but have ‘VOLUMN’
    * Hide fusinv tabs in computer templates edition
    * Security fix (SQL injection)

FusinvSnmp 2.3.4-1

    * Update SNMP models (about 30 new devices managed)
    * Add history when vlan added to network port of switch
    * Fix errors on calculate IP when use iprange for netdiscovery
    * Fix problem with processnumber not present in XML in snmpquery

The FusionInventory team!

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