[Fusioninventory-user] New FusionInventory-Agent Windows Installer v2.2.9901-2013071501_dev released.

Tomás Abad tabadgp at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 22:44:49 UTC 2013

   Hello to everybody,

   Today, there is a new development release of the new Microsoft
Windows Installer for FusionInventory Agent available. You are invited
again to test it!.

   The new release v2.2.9901-2013071501_dev

      * Installs FusionInventory-Agent v2.2.9901 (aka v2.3.0rc1)
      * Includes the last Strawberry Perl Portable Edition Packages
        for FusionInventory-Agent with all the Perl modules updated
        to June 22 (1)
      * includes a help improved
      * includes a new 'quick installation' mode that speeds up
        installation (visual installation only)
      * and has other minor improvements and fixes some bugs

   You can download it from here:


and please, read the corresponding PDF file, included in the place, to
learn more about how to use the installer.

   Finally, go to (2) or (3) to know more about the FusionInventory
Agent Windows Installer (FIAWI) project.

   And, of course, any comment will be always welcome.

   Best regards,

(1) Strawberry Perl Portable Edition Packages forFusionInventory-Agent

(2) FIAWI in fusioninventory.org


(3) FIAWI in sourceforge.net

Tomás Abad

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