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Michael Cervone torroba3364 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 22:36:00 UTC 2013


I have just tried to install the Fusioninventory plugin in glpi.  I am getting an error about the fileinfo extension not being enabled in PHP.  I am using a hosting site and after some digging today, I found that the Fusioninventory plugin is doing a check on the function, "mime_content_type". 

The tech wrote the following to me (which probably means it will be a while until I can use the plugin), and I was wondering if there is any remedy...??

The tech said: 
If you check official PHP website you will see that function "mime_content_type" is deprecated:


and should be replaced with different functions provided by "fileinfo" PECL module.
That is why your plugin says "fileinfo" is not enabled. I would recommend you to upgrade this plugin to some newer version which makes "fileinfo" check properly.

Thanks much for any advice you can provide....


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