[Fusioninventory-user] Deploy Error : sha512 failure

Vincent fusioninventory at lph.im
Wed Oct 23 13:37:08 UTC 2013

Hi there,

I cannot manage to deploy any software from glpi/fi to win7pro.

I've already written a little brief about it (in french) :

So far, here is a summary of what I've done :

- create the package (upload file to server and set an install command
that is ok from cmd)
- create a task and assign it to a computer (VM-W7)
- activate the task, prepare the package : OK

Once the update is launched (force local client update accessing
"localhost:62354/now"), I can see on the web server the client coming and
fetching the existing file (who's filename is its sha512)
But while accessing, the agent only gets the first 20k of the file (of
~1,4Mo : 7z920-x64.msi) and retry, but cannot get the correct hash and
throw a failure :

Client log shows : "sha512 failure: 264a7b9c(...)"
No error/warning are shown on the server side.

If I access the same url with a browser, everything is fine, I get the
whole file which has the correct hash/size.

This morning I updated my configuration :
- upgraded glpi 0.83.7 -> 0.84.2 / FI 0.83+2.1 -> 0.84+1.2
- tested with the 32 and 64 bits 2.3.2 agent.
- made all the directories "world writable" on the client side

First I thought that the agent could not save the file locally because of
its name (128 chars + ~130-150 [*1] chars = 260+ chars).
[*1] : path to the local repository : C:\Program Files

It does not seem to be the problem as testing a hostname "https://x/f/"
instead of  https://support.xxx.yy/plugins/fusioninventory/ does not seem
to satisfy the agent either that the local filename-url is less than 256

I've seen this bug report http://forge.fusioninventory.org/issues/1511
but on our 20M fiber, no connection problem till many weeks :)

I'm now stuck and need somebody's help...

Any of you already managed to get it work with a Win7Pro ?

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