[Fusioninventory-user] Container OpenVZ (Proxmox) and UUID

David DURIEUX d.durieux at siprossii.com
Mon Jul 13 15:47:07 UTC 2015

Le Mon, 13 Jul 2015 15:38:23 +0000
"Ahmed, Fnu S" <FSAHMED at beckman.com> a écrit:

>These are the commands
>ps -ef | grep fusion
>root     19647     1  0 14:04 ?
>00:00:00 /usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/fusioninventory-agent
>--server=http://xxxx /glpi/plugins/fusioninventory --user=glpi
>--password=glpi --basevardir=/var/log/fusioninventory-agent -stdout
>After this, when I start the service fusioninventory start, it says
>that it is running. But, cannot see the module in the agent management
>module. If it is communicating, what is it communicating with? Also
>the URL http://xxx /glpi/plugins/fusioninventory takes me to the not
>found page and " The requested
>URL /glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/front/wizard.php was not found on
>this server." Page. Is it possible for you to check  and set
>everything right remotely? Or else, please advice what to do. Please

Try with url --server=http://xxxx /glpi/plugins/fusioninventory/ 
So with the / at the end


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>Le 03/06/2015 16:28, Guillaume Rousse a écrit :
>> Le 02/06/2015 12:26, Guillaume Rousse a écrit :
>>> So I'd rather first define our expected semantic first, before
>>> asserting anyone practice if wrong, and here is my suggested
>>> definition:
>>> - HARDWARE/UUID should be physical host identifier, unique among all
>>> other physical hosts (and should eventually get renamed as
>>> - HARDWARE/VMID should be virtual host identifier, unique among all
>>> other virtual hosts from the same hypervisor only (and should
>>> eventually get renamed as VIRTUAL_HOST_ID)
>> So, is HARDWARE/UUID supposed to be a physical host identifier or a
>> global host identifier ?
>> In the first case, it should be unique among physical hosts only,
>> virtual hosts should have same UUID than their physical host, and
>> should change UUID when they are migrated to another physical host.
>> In the second case, it should be unique among all hosts (either
>> physical or virtual), but what's the usefulness of additioanl
>> virtual-machine specific HARDWARE/VMID identifier ?
>After some discussion with other developpers, we agreed on the
>following plan:
>- ensure HARDWARE/UUID is really unique among all machines, either
>physical or virtual
>- drop HARDWARE/VMID as confusing
>- ensure hosts know their guests UUIDs, to allow relationships to be
>established on GLPI
>Our specification
>has been updated, and the following commits implements the change:
>Please test those changes, if possible.
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