[Fusioninventory-user] Container OpenVZ (Proxmox) and UUID

Matthieu.Marc at ensam.eu Matthieu.Marc at ensam.eu
Tue May 26 09:05:39 UTC 2015


I have two proxmox server on two differents sites.

I am using the fusion agent (v2.2.3) on proxmox and on containers using debian or ubuntu.

My problem is that the two proxmox server are using the same OpenVZ UID for container :

On proxmox A, I have a container A1 with UID 100
On proxmox B , I have another container B1 with UID 100.

To be able to link Proxmox host and container, I need to configure the UUID of the container, and set it to the container UUID. But I have two container with UID 100.

So, when I display proxmox B on GLPI, on Virtual Machine, I see container A1.

Maybe the UUID would contains Proxmox UUID in order to be able to have several container with the same openvz UID.


Matthieu MARC

Matthieu MARC
Ingénieur informatique
Direction des Systèmes d'Information

[Description : cid:8D30A827-01D1-4BAD-8638-C748210F90D9]
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers
2 boulevard du ronceray 49035 ANGERS

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