[Fusioninventory-user] Container OpenVZ (Proxmox) and UUID

Matthieu.Marc at ensam.eu Matthieu.Marc at ensam.eu
Tue May 26 12:17:32 UTC 2015

> It's a strange behavior, UUID may be unique, so not normal.

There is another problem.

I managed to make dmidecode work on openvz container. 

vzctl set $VEID --devnodes mem:r --save
vzctl set $ VEID --capability sys_rawio:on --save

restart the openvz container and dmidecode is working.


The UUID found is the UUID of the host (my proxmox). So, both host and guest have the same UUID.

I think, it will be interesting to make the guest UUID using the host UUID and the VM ID, and to make the VIRTUALMACHINE entry of the host using the same format (UUID + VM ID). 

So that, the UUID will be unique, and we will be able to have several host server with guest having the same VM ID.


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>I have two proxmox server on two differents sites.
>I am using the fusion agent (v2.2.3) on proxmox and on containers using 
>debian or ubuntu.
>My problem is that the two proxmox server are using the same OpenVZ UID 
>for container :
>On proxmox A, I have a container A1 with UID 100 On proxmox B , I have 
>another container B1 with UID 100.
>To be able to link Proxmox host and container, I need to configure the 
>UUID of the container, and set it to the container UUID. But I have two 
>container with UID 100.
>So, when I display proxmox B on GLPI, on Virtual Machine, I see 
>container A1.
>Maybe the UUID would contains Proxmox UUID in order to be able to have 
>several container with the same openvz UID.

It's a strange behavior, UUID may be unique, so not normal.

It's not understand the link between UUID and UID


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