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Stephen Chan stephen.chan at miramar-group.com
Mon Oct 12 10:02:29 UTC 2015

Hello David


May I know where insert no-category=software?

Is that in below image?

If not in here, can you show me how to insert no-category=software


I look forward to hearing from you




Thanks & Best Regards

IT Officer

Stephen Chan



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In agent configuration, excluse software to inventory:




See doc here:

http://fusioninventory.org/documentation/agent/man/fusioninventory-agent.html <http://fusioninventory.org/documentation/agent/man/fusioninventory-agent.html> 






Le Mon, 12 Oct 2015 17:50:52 +0800

"Stephen Chan" <stephen.chan at miramar-group.com <mailto:stephen.chan at miramar-group.com> > a écrit:


>Hello Sir/Madam


>We would like to use GLPI to maintenance our PC Inventory and use 

>Fusion Inventory to scan all PC But have some question in the Fusion 



>Can Fusion Inventory not scan the software? (We want to manually to 

>insert the software list)


>I look forward to hearing from you


>Thanks & Best Regards

>IT Officer

>Stephen Chan


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