[Fusioninventory-user] Anyone else having issues with updates of installed software versions

klas at nevskijprospekt.com klas at nevskijprospekt.com
Sun May 21 10:47:44 UTC 2017

Hi list!

I’ve just started working with Fusioninventory and have started collecting 
information from Windows and Linux hosts. When  exploring  the possibility to 
add information to the inventory (starting with information about locally installed
software), I noticed that a change of the installed version had som strange results:

Before the update I could find the entry in the Software section, with information
about Installations (pointing to the host that had the software installed). 

After the update, the GLPI Software section did list the package, with both the old and new version
listed, but no host was listed in in Installation section. 

The same strangeness was also possible to achieve by removing and the reinstalling a (Linux) package on a host
using apt-get remove/install. 

1)  	Run the inventory agent. The package and installation is found in the  Software section.
2)  	Remove a package
3)	Run the inventory agent. The package version is found, but no installation is listed (which is  correct in some sense).
4)    (Re)install the package. 
5)  	Run the inventory agent. This results in no change, the package version is found, 
        but no installation is listed which is wrong.

I could get the installation listed again, if i removed the host (from both GLPI and fusioninventory listing) and rerun the agent.

I hope I have an understandable  description about this. HAs anyone else seen something simular? 

GLPI 9.1.3 installed on CentOS apache.
Fusioninventory plugin: FusionINventory 9,1+1.0

# fusioninventory-agent --version 
FusionInventory Agent (
# fusioninventory-inventory  --version 
Inventory task 1.0


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