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Guillaume Bougard gbougard at teclib.com
Wed Feb 20 08:53:43 GMT 2019

Hi Maxime,

SMART status is just not inventoried and I think nobody requested this feature in the past. What's your concern to see such information in GLPI ?

About the interface, the agent can make some assumptions when it can't find an information. Then "IDE" is just a default value. You can report the problem creating an issue in Github: https://github.com/fusioninventory/fusioninventory-agent/issues. Don't forget to tell which agent version you installed and which operating system it is installed on. You can also include in your issue the related XML part you can extract (see Import informations tab in GLPI).


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Hi guys, 

We recently use FusionInventory with GLPI for our parc, but there is some small things that perturbe us ... Could anyone light us on ? 

    1. No SMART status for HDD 
    2. The "interface" in GLPI doesn't match, i got some SSD with IDE interface 

We're running GLPI 9.3 (waiting for some plugins). 


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