[Fusioninventory-user] Troubles with containers...

Guillaume Bougard gbougard at teclib.com
Thu Jan 24 07:11:25 GMT 2019

Hi Marco,

do you have dmidecode package installed in your container ? If yes, I advise you to uninstall it and try again as dmidecode in a container will always returns informations from the host and then will confuse the agent.

If you want to test before removing the package, try making the command unavailable the time of an agent run by just renaming the dmidecode command.

After that, we are really lacking of full lxc support and you should then open an issue in github so we can try enhance this support.


Guillaume Bougard 
TECLIB' Montpellier 

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Objet: [Fusioninventory-user] Troubles with containers...

I've just discovered that fusioninventory version 2.4 have some trouble
with containers: the containers get the S/N of the phisical server, so
phisical server data in GLPI 'flaps' between the phisical server itself
and the various containers (last FI run).

I'm using proxmox 5, LXC 3.1.0; seems that FI 2.3.16 on debian jessie
works as expected, while FI 2.4 on debian stretch have this bug (so
don't seems a proxmox trouble).

Say me if i can provide some info (logs, ...) and how.


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