[libhid-discuss] Report Description Question (Not Matching lsusb)

Christopher Moore christopher at bnmintl.com
Fri Oct 3 00:36:13 UTC 2008


I'm trying to get some output from hid_dump_tree and I can't seem to get 
anything meaningful out of it.  For example, in one of the older posts 
on this mailing list, I managed to see output like the following:

TRACE: hid_dump_tree(): iterating the parse tree for USB device 001/003[0]...
parse tree of HIDInterface 001/003[0]:
  path: 0x00010009.0x00010033; type: 0x80
  path: 0x00010009.0x00010034; type: 0x80

while, I can only recieve this:

TRACE: hid_reset_parser(): resetting the HID parser for USB device 002/005[3]...
  TRACE: hid_prepare_parser(): dumping the raw report descriptor
  TRACE: hid_prepare_parser(): 0x000: 0x05


the code being used (Python):


ret = hid_init()
if ret != HID_RET_SUCCESS:
  sys.stderr.write("hid_init failed with return code %d.\n" % ret)

hid = hid_new_HIDInterface()
matcher = HIDInterfaceMatcher()
matcher.vendor_id = 0x13b1
matcher.product_id = 0x001d

ret = hid_force_open(hid, 3, matcher, 3)
ret = hid_dump_tree(sys.stdout, hid);


I'm after Interface #3 (the hid device).



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