[libhid-discuss] Polycom Communicator Buttons (usb-audio device with buttons)

Charles Lepple clepple at ghz.cc
Fri Oct 24 14:04:19 UTC 2008

On Oct 23, 2008, at 9:18 PM, Andres Mauricio Mujica Zalamea wrote:

>   TRACE: hid_prepare_hid_descriptor(): retrieving HID descriptor  
> for USB
> device 003/006[0]...
> USB error: error sending control message: Broken pipe
> WARNING: hid_prepare_hid_descriptor(): failed to get HID descriptor  
> for
> USB device 003/006[0]

Here's the problem: a lot of people have reported error messages like  
this, and there's not a whole lot I can do about it because none of  
the HID devices I have are failing in this manner.

For something with just a few buttons, you are probably better off  
trying to use the Linux hiddev interface, or the kernel event interface:


Charles Lepple

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