[libhid-discuss] Problems with libhid and weather station WMR100

Kustaa Nyholm feedback2 at sparetimelabs.com
Sat Oct 10 09:41:11 UTC 2009


I'm new to this list and noticed that this very same
topic was discussed very recently (August 9) but
having read the whole thread and having followed
all the clues and after spending hours and hours
with google I still cannot get this to work.

My problem is as follows:

I'm writing a weather station software that should
interface with WMR100 from Oregon Scientific.

I need this to be cross platform, hence I'm using
libusb 0.1 which works for Linux,Mac OS X and Windows.

My code works nicely on Mac (which I presumed would
be the hardest of the platforms!).

It probably works in Linux too but I can't claim
the interface.

I'm doing this on Ubuntu 9.04

First when I tried the code libusb complained
about access rights, so I modified the (I'm writing
this here for posterity) udev rules as per this


After that libusb complaints about the device being
busy and indeed dmesg shows that when I try to
claim the interface it is in the clutches of libhid.

And this is where I've been for two weeks now!

I have tried to rmmod usbhid and also unbind it as per


but after that libusb complaints, when I'm claiming the
interface, 'no such file or directory', although it seems
to be able enumerate it just fine.

And here I'm stuck! No matter what I try (and I've
tried a few!) I always end up with either the
device not being found or libhid grabbing it.

So looking for suggestion on how tell libhid to
release its claws and still allow libusb to access it.

There has to be a simple way, or is there?

I've read about this subject more than I care to know
and nothing has worked for me, and most of the stuff
has been way too scary for my intended audience to
try out. I don't see them modifying any files/rules/
access rights in their system nor compiling kernel
to include some quircks. I can do it, I hope, but not
them so in the end I hope to find a way to 'configure'
this for them.

Also  requesting, as suggest by someone in connection
with PICKit, for the upstream  maintainers  to somehow
blacklist or ignore a specific device
seems like very unpractical way to handle the myriad
of devices out there that masquarade as HID devices.

So I'm convinced there just has to be a better way,
I've just not found it yet?

br Kusti

the device, is says

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