[libhid-discuss] libhid + swig -> c#

Charles Lepple clepple at ghz.cc
Sat Apr 9 22:56:33 UTC 2011

On Apr 8, 2011, at 1:25 PM, Rudolf Muehlbauer wrote:

> Hello,
> I am wondering what the current status of libhid is. Is it still
> maintained, used? The last svn commit was back in 2008.

I have been recommending that people consider HIDAPI instead. It seems  
to be much better at the cross-platform goal than libhid, since libusb  
isn't always the best solution. (On the other hand, I haven't tried  
HIDAPI myself. Maybe someone else on the list has.)

> I am interested to use it in a project written with Mono/C#. Is it  
> much
> of a hassle to generate the C# bindings?

It would certainly be a to me, since I don't know C#. If you have used  
SWIG before, I imagine it would not be that difficult. I suspect the  
biggest hurdle would be wrapping libusb for use in C#.

Actually, if you don't need the hidparser library (i.e. you know the  
report structures), there is not much to libhid. Look at the source  
for the functions which you would use - they are mostly error-checking.

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