netconf and upstart

Marcus Better marcus at
Wed May 9 18:55:36 UTC 2007

Thomas Hood wrote:
> A new network configurer should be properly integrated with upstart.
> The task-dependency system in upstart could be used to model the
> dependencies of network services on one another;

Keep in mind though that upstart is event-based rather than dependency-based. 
I don't know how well it would lend itself to dependency management.

> I suspect, however, that a higher level language is needed to allow
> the administrator to express his network configuration preferences
> succinctly.

Yes, I think we have to explore this part a bit more. The problem is that such 
a language could be domain-specific. For instance I could come up with a 
language that lets me describe my VPN tunnels and the conditions under which 
they should be brought up. But would the same language be suitable for 
specifying widely different aspects such as, let's say, rules for SMTP 
smarthosts and NTP servers? Complex setups with bonding and bridges?

Or should we have a bunch of plugins, each with its own configuration 
mechanism that is suited to its domain? That has the benefit of each 
component doing one thing.

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