netconf and upstart

Thomas Hood jdthood at
Thu May 10 19:30:36 UTC 2007

martin f krafft wrote:
>> exec /sbin/initctl emit interface-up $IFACE
> This is nice, but is it necessary? Why do you let hooks notify
> upstart to run scripts, instead of running the scripts directly from
> if-up.d?

AIUI with upstart there is one configuration file for each service
which determines what happens to that service depending on what events
occur.  Combinations of events and states can be taken into account in
deciding what to do.

With hook scripts alone, the response to each event is programmed in
its own script (one for interface up, one for interface down, one for
APM suspend, one for APM resume, etc. -- lots of conffiles -- lots of
fun for package maintainers) and dependencies on job states are, if
implemented at all, subject to races and deadlocks: two events can
happen at about the same time, resulting in two hook scripts running.

Perhaps I misunderstood your question.
Thomas Hood

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