[Nut-upsdev] Liebert PSI 1440 support

Stewart Morgan stewart at nameless-uk.com
Wed Oct 12 14:40:46 UTC 2005


	Having installed the MultiLink software and attempted to compare values, I've
managed to interpret one value: Battery Time Remaining in minutes; which is
represented by UPS.PowerSummary.0085006c.

> >>Path: UPS.00860006.00860080, Type: Feature, Value: 2.000000
> >>Path: UPS.00860006.00860081, Type: Feature, Value: 0.000000
> >>Path: UPS.00860006.00860082, Type: Feature, Value: 2.000000
> >>Path: UPS.00860006.00860084, Type: Feature, Value: 2.000000
> >>Path: UPS.00860006.00860085, Type: Feature, Value: 3.000000
> >>Path: UPS.00860006.00860086, Type: Feature, Value: 3.000000
> >>Path: UPS.00860006.00860087, Type: Feature, Value: 0.000000

	Before, I suggested that "UPS.00860006.00860083: 120.00000" might represent the
"mains transfer voltage"; however it is also possible that actully maps to the
"Low battery warning" setting (in seconds) of two minutes.  Either that, or one
of *80, *82 or *84 above does, but in minutes.

> 	Interestingly, the following, for example, all seem to me to be
> multiplied by ten.  Does that mean I need to change the last arg to
> "liebert_10_conversion" in the lookup table?

	Replying to my own post here:  I see that the value is the raw value before
being "converted" using the "liebert_10_conversion" function as reported later
-- sorry for the noise :)

	The MultiLink software I'm using seems to only allow viewing the status of
thigns, so I'll see what else I can find that might enable me to configure it.


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