[Nut-upsdev] Liebert ESP-II protocol

Peter Selinger selinger at mathstat.dal.ca
Mon Oct 17 22:33:54 UTC 2005

Have you seen any similarities between the Liebert serial protocol and
the Belkinunv serial protocol? I am asking because we discovered that
their USB protocols are practically identical.

Do you have any documentation on this ESP-II protocol that you have
reverse engineered? Any code?

The Belkinunv protocol (which I reverse engineered two years ago) is
documented here: 

-- Peter

Joe Krahn wrote:
> I see there has been some Liebert work here recently. I have a Liebert 
> UPS that has no USB, just RS-232. I reverse engineered the ESP-II 
> protocol, at least as far as normal MultiLink monitoring goes, which was 
> pretty simple. The protocol provides a table of parameter types and 
> index ranges. So, I can read and (if I dare) write the parameter tables.
> We might be able to share info between serial/USB to help figure things 
> out. The nice thing about serial is that I can hook up a null-modem 
> loop, feed values to MultiLink, and see how it replies.
> Joe Krahn
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