[Nut-upsdev] Cyberpower CP550SL/AE550 Serial

Olivier Albiez oalbiez at free.fr
Wed Oct 19 17:37:42 UTC 2005

George McCollister wrote:

> Is anyone working on anything to support the Cyberpower CP550SL/AE550 
> Serial? Any idea if it uses the same or similar protocol as the other 
> Cyberpower models?

I have reversed some days ago a protocol on the nitram UPS (a low end 
UPS) which is in fact a Cyberpower UPS.
The protocol is not the same as cyberpower.c but an evolution. If you 
can send me some dump of the communication between the UPS and the PC 
(using portmon), I will take a look.

> I have an HP 4952A Serial Protocol Analyzer and a Cyberpower CP550SL. 
> Once I get the CP550SL up and working in Windows over RS232 I'll hook 
> up the 4952A and see whats going on. I'm not sure what it uses for 
> default baud rate. The 4952A is limited to 38400.

The baud rate is probably 1200 or 2400.

> Is anyone interested in any information I might gather from it? 
> Suggestions as to which if any driver I should start from would be 
> appriciated. Ideally I'd like to add support to the cyberpower driver 
> as patch if its at all similar to that protocol.

If the protocol of Cyberpower CP550SL/AE550 Serial is like the Nitram 
one, I will update nitram.c.


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