[Nut-upsdev] Re: NUT docs bug & init-scripts for SuSE

Arnaud QUETTE Arnaud.QUETTE at mgeups.com
Tue Apr 4 07:05:00 UTC 2006

>  Hello Arnaud,

Hi Alex,

>    First of all i want to thank you for such useful and convenient
> system tool as NUT. I think it is one from most important tools
> for server machines. And it make its work excellent.


>    I use NUT on SuSE distro and adapted init-scripts from package for
> this distro style. Send you them with hope that you find them useful
> for other users and may be include them in NUT package.
>    And one question. When i try use secure scheme that describe in
> 'docs/FAQ' (with 'nutdev' and 'nutsrv' users) i get problem when
> i tested power race conditions. When i run command
>        /usr/local/ups/sbin/upsmon -c fsd
> at the end of 'halt' script i see:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.0.3
> Network UPS Tools (version 2.0.3) - APC Smart protocol driver
>          Driver version 1.99.7, command table version 2.0
> Unable to open /dev/ttyS0: Permission denied
>    Current user id: nutsrv (107)
> Serial port owner: nutdev (106)
> Serial port group: uucp (14)
>       Mode of port: 0600
> Things to try:
>   - Use another port (with the right permissions)
>   - Fix the port owner/group or permissions on this port
>   - Run this driver as another user (upsdrvctl -u or 'user=...' in 
> ups.conf).
>     See upsdrvctl(8) and ups.conf(5).
> Fatal error: unusable configuration
> Driver failed to start (exit status=1)
> -----------------------------------------------------
>    Same affect i can see when run command in shell:
>        /usr/local/ups/bin/upsdrvctl -u nutdev shutdown
>    I was forced return to 'nut:nut' scheme.
>    With best wishes,

first note that Stanislav Brabec (official NUT maintainer for SuSE)
is part of the NUT Team, and is taking care of the NUT packages.
He's currently updating these for SuSE 10.1...

For your above problem, you need to change the /dev/ttyS0
ownership to nutdev so that you can access the port in RW mode.
To do so, you need to look at udev. I've shipped udev scripts with
nut 2.0.3 as examples (these however need to be adapted.
Meanwhile, you can use some chown/chmod into the upsd init script...

Arnaud Quette
Linux / Unix Expert - MGE UPS SYSTEMS - R&D Dpt
Network UPS Tools (NUT) Project Leader - http://www.networkupstools.org/
Debian Developer - http://people.debian.org/~aquette/
OpenSource Developer - http://arnaud.quette.free.fr/

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