[Nut-upsdev] Powercom BNT-1200AP

Simon Rozman simon at rozman.si
Mon Apr 24 15:14:59 UTC 2006

Dear Alexey,

The problem with the powercom module is that since there was no
documentation for it, my predecessor and I used a reverse engineering to
write an approximate driver. Unfortunately, only a subset of features works
and only on some Powercom class UPSs.

Your only solution for now is, to do some programming on your own. Find out
how Upsmon configures the shutdown delay time. Try using some software to
log the COM port traffic on Windows, and see what code Upsmon sends to setup
the shutdown delay time on UPS.
On the other hand, find a friend with sufficient development and research
skill, to do it for you.


Simon -
  The artist formerly known as the Powercom module developer

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I have UPS Powercom Black Knight Pro 1200 (BNT-1200AP)
I try to use nut, but powercom driver not understand my model
Ok, i try to use type KIN1500AP and it's work
But powercom driver can't set UPS's shutdown delay time

Also i have powercom's original program (upsmon), and this program can do it
What can i do for help to add this function to nut's powercom driver?

For example may be i can see logs of work upsmon with COM-port or something

С уважением,	Алексей Сидоров
 	mailto:alex at reutman.ru
	JIT:alexsid at jabber.ru

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