[Nut-upsdev] megatec and some changes to cmdvartab and new-names.txt

Carlos Rodrigues carlos.efr at mail.telepac.pt
Mon Dec 4 02:57:18 CET 2006

I had some free time this weekend, and made some long overdue changes
to "megatec". The thing is, these changes lead to a couple of
questions that I must ask before I go on and "svn commit" them:

1) The blazer, fentonups, esupssmart, ippon, sms and mustek drivers
are now completely covered and all of their functionality should now
be present in megatec, and also every model supported by them should
now be supported by megatec (with additional funcionality). So, I have
changed "driver.list" so that all hardware supported by these drivers
is now "megatec or <theotherdriver>".

However, I think the other drivers' "ups_banner" function should be
changed (now necessarily right now) to indicate that they are due to
be removed sometime in the future and megatec should be used instead
(if possible). Am I right?

2) I made a couple of changes to "new-names.txt" and "cmdvartab"
(attached below), because I implemented a simple watchdog (like the
one in the "sms" driver) and I need a new variable to display the
watchdog status (if it is "enabled" or "disabled"). Also, I added a
command to toggle the beeper, which I decided not to implement as a
"beeper.on/beeper.off" pair because some models don't give any hint
about the status of the beeeper, and the hardware command is really a
toggle anyways (a single command). Are these changes ok?

Carlos Rodrigues
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