[Nut-upsdev] NUT driver scheduler

Roberto Alcântara roberto at microsol.com.br
Mon Jul 24 17:17:02 UTC 2006

Dear nut-upsdev,

I writed one small function to test if batteries was really bad (using solis 
driver). Isn't so acurated but it's what we need.
Just wait 100% batteries charge, turn off input, wait some time (10% from 
previst autonomy) and turn on input again.
Looking startAutonomy - stopAutonomy we can know the basic batteries state.

To scheduler the tests I have one new parameter on driver config file (days 
between tests) and to record my last batteries test date I created one file 
at conf_path/BATT_SCHED_NAME. It's working fine, but I would like know if is 
it the best way to store this value.

The first ideia was use crond jobs but I don't would like use crond, then 
I'm looking for "time to run" inside driver.

Let me know what you think about.

All the best,

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