[Nut-upsdev] minor building issues (svn HEAD revision 427)

Mike Patterson mpatters at cs.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Jun 7 16:22:42 UTC 2006

Mike Patterson wrote on 6/7/06 11:03 AM:
> Sounds good, thanks a lot, Peter!

Looks good too, builds clean on my ubuntu 6.06 box and with a few warnings:

In file included from ../include/common.h:45,
                 from main.h:1,
                 from snmp-ups.c:32:
../include/proto.h:43: warning: static declaration of 'setenv' follows
non-static declaration
/software/netsnmp-5.3/include/net-snmp/library/system.h:117: warning:
previous declaration of 'setenv' was here
../include/proto.h:43: warning: 'setenv' defined but not used

on my Solaris 8 machines, which I guess are to be expected at this
point... I also still need to do the "make depend" in drivers/ on the
Solaris box, but not the Linux one.

I'll see about doing up a patch to fix those, unless somebody else beats
me to it again.  (This is one of several back-burner projects for me
here so the process gets swapped in and out of my current queue a lot...)

snmp-ups isn't segfaulting for me any more, so that may have been a
local issue.

Thanks again, Peter!


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